The importance of using social media

Today, social media has become a kind of identity. Unfortunately, we can use this identity for good or bad. Individuals are updating this identity that they carry in their pockets moment by moment. How Does? They constantly update their brains by reading, seeing and hearing billions of information on the internet.

The role of social media in this update is not similar to research on the internet. Because we search in search engines to get information. On social media, this is very minimal. Already, a lot of data that comes before us in social media comes from keywords. When you search for a sentence consisting of 5-6 words on social media platforms, you may not come across any more logical data. But when we search for a word, thousands of data appear. This is because we are not actually in control.

What does it mean that we don’t have control? Companies that write social media platforms have created a keyword search-based software. When you search for a keyword, the system presents the data in which that keyword is tagged. This is proof that it is not something that is in our control. We see, read and hear the data presented to us. We don’t actually get what we want. Even data that we are not interested in follow.

At this stage, the importance of the use of social media emerges. We need to analyze what we use social media for. Is it to learn useful information shared on social media or to have fun? Having a good time? All of them? We can replicate these goals. In summary, no matter what we use social media for, we receive data that is presented to us beyond our control. This instantly updates our brains for good or bad. In order for social media not to affect our identity negatively, we should limit our use and stay away from data that we are not related to.